MicroPhos Canola Plus

MicroPhos Canola Plus

Why use MicroPhos Canola Plus?

Canola Plus is the newest addition to AgraCity’s fertilizer product line-up. This product has been specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of canola grown in Canada.


  • MicroPhos Canola and Canola Plus use all the same technology as our proven MicroPhos Micro-Pack ensuring maximum use efficiency of applied phosphorous.
  • MicroPhos Canola has a guaranteed analysis of 10N-29P-0-22S + Bo MicroPhos Canola Plus has a guaranteed analysis of 10N-25P-0-25S + Bo
  • MicroPhos Canola and Canola Plus contain boron to support flowering and seed sets maximizing crop yields.
  • Product has both elemental and sulphate sulphur to provide season-long supply of sulphur to high-demand canola crops.

Agronomist comments

The fertilizer business has seen very few innovations over the decades when compared to the rest of the crop production industry. MicroPhos is the next generation of fertilizer combining several new innovations into a single product. MicroPhos has solved the issue of micronutrient distribution by these important plant foods are readily available to your crops. Phosphorus availability in Canada is a continuous challenge due to our conditions. PowerPhos technology is a real game changer in getting the most out of your phosphorous dollars and MicroPhos Canola is a great fit across Canada.

Common uses & rates

The innovations in MicroPhos have allowed us to get more out of each granule. As such we are recommending these use rates. (When using this chart take the rate of the product previously used and find the MicroPhos Canola suggested application rate.)

Please refer to the product label for complete and detailed information about this product. It contains essential guidelines and specifications to ensure proper usage and safety.

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