product performance guarantee

product performance guarantee

AgraCity products provide affordable, effective, high-performance control of the toughest weeds in all major crops grown in Canada. We stand behind our products. We are so confident in our product and product performance that we are willing to provide our customers with the AGRACITY PRODUCT PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE.

AgraCity has the largest selection of affordable high-performance crop protection products in Canada.

We are committed to providing all our products at the best possible prices without compromising product quality and performance by setting and meeting the highest possible standards and working with the best product manufacturers from around the world.

Our Products are:

  • Registered for use for all major crops in Canada, including barley, canola, corn, oats, peas, soybeans, wheat and more.
  • Designed to provide high performance at affordable prices.
  • Excellent for managing key driver weeds like wild oats, kochia, cleavers. and thistle, including biotypes that have developed resistance to major herbicide groups.
  • Guaranteed to perform under Canadian growing conditions.

Product quality:

  • AgraCity guarantees that our product formulations meet the highest possible standards.
  • If at any time you are not satisfied with the product formulation, such as product separation, crystallization, or any physical issue the product will immediately be replaced as soon as possible.

Product Performance:

  • AgraCity guarantees that our herbicide products will provide 90% control or more of all weeds listed as controlled on the product label. This performance guarantee does not apply to weeds listed as suppressed or weeds biotypes resistant to the herbicide group applied. Boa® Pro herbicide, Disruptor® 360 glyphosate herbicide, Disruptor® 540 glyphosate herbicide, Destroyer™ 540 glyphosate herbicide and Meteor® herbicide are not covered by the AgraCity Product Performance Guarantee.

Product Quality:

An authorized AgraCity representative must be notified immediately if the concern is about AgraCity product quality.


  • Only herbicide products purchased from AgraCity are eligible for the product performance guarantee. Boa Pro, Disruptor 540 glyphosate, Destroyer 540 glyphosate and Meteor herbicide are not included.
  • All products must be applied according to label instructions and application guidelines.
  • An authorized AgraCity representative must be notified within 21 days of application if the concern is about product performance, in order to inspect the sprayed area prior to making a second application. The authorized AgraCity representative must confirm that the product did not meet the required 90% control of emerged weeds at the time of application.
  • Weeds that are smaller or larger than specified on the label at the time of application or are not present at the time of application do not qualify for the Product Performance Guarantee.
  • If 90% control is not met and there is time for a second application, AgraCity will provide the product required for remedial application on the required acres.
  • If 90% control is not met and the crop is beyond the application window for a second application, AgraCity will provide replacement product for the required acres for future years.
  • All replacement product is subject to final approval of AgraCity and AgraCity reserves the right to audit all claims. AgraCity reserves the right to change any or all features of the AgraCity Product Performance Guarantee at any time. Accounts must be paid in full before qualifying for assistance towards respray or product replacement.
  • No other costs related to retreatment are the responsibility of AgraCity.
  • Always read and follow label directions. Not following the label directions will result in non-qualification for the AgraCity Product Performance Guarantee.
  • Consult your AgraCity representative to learn more about the AgraCity Product Performance Guarantee.