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Robust Hub-and-Spoke Distribution Network Saves Farmers Time

Robust Hub-and-Spoke Distribution Network Saves Farmers Time

We have implemented a hub-and-spoke distribution network that gives us a competitive edge in the industry. AgraCity was the first company in Western Canada to offer products directly to farmers, disrupting the traditional distribution channel.


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Reduced Distribution Costs Increases Farmers Return on Investment

AgraCity has moved away from typical distribution models common in the agriculture industry. These traditional models have decentralized warehouses that have numerous pinch points, additional handling fees, third-party warehousing and various other factors that increase the costs for the farmers.


Like other global players such as Walmart, Lowe’s and Fedex, we have found that this method of distribution reduces transportation costs, improves cycle times, and reduces inventory resulting in cost savings that we can pass along to our farm customers.

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Our main warehouse in Saskatoon boasts over 68,000 sq ft of space supported by a logistics and warehousing team of over 25 people. We compliment that with 15 tractor and trailer units as well as 3- and 5-ton trucks used to hotshot product out when you need it in a hurry.



This distribution center supports strategically placed hubs that help with timely in-season changes and decisions when necessary. So, everything from crop restriction changes that come last minute or poor weather, we will always be there to assist you, every step of the way.

Growing Options

AgraCity is continuously adding new production locations, transportation options and cost-effective distribution solutions to minimize costs and bring value to the Canadian farms.

Future of Logistics

We are planning significant changes in the upcoming years to further improve our distribution model and bring products to farms quicker and more affordable than ever before.

A Focus on Canadian Agriculture

Listen to Brian Rumberg, Chief Innovation Officer, showcase AgraCity's warehouse capabilities.

Farming is a time and capital-intensive business, and farmers need to maximize yields and return on investment in order to be successful. Finding a trusted crop input partner that understands local crop issues is one of the most important business decisions a farmer will make.

Focused entirely on Canadian agriculture, AgraCity can react quickly to local crop issues. For example, with kochia a major growing issue for farmers in Western Canada, AgraCity has introduced Foxxy® Extreme, an effective kochia control.

Our team listens to farmers to understand the timely challenges of Canadian farming, so we can continually strengthen our line up of high-performance crop inputs.

We understand crop issues, so farmers can focus on what they do best - farming.