A History of Innovation

Constant Product and Service Innovation is at the Core of What We Do

AgraCity is Leading the Disruption of the Global Crop Inputs Industry

From our warehouse to the farm gate!

AgraCity was the first company in Western Canada to offer products directly to farmers, disrupting the traditional distribution channel, and saving farmers millions of dollars in unnecessary warehousing and transportation costs.


AgraCity is Canadian owned, and Canadian headquartered, keeping our investments in Canada.


AgraCity has 20 exclusive products specifically developed for Canadian grower needs.


AgraCity has a goal to be 25% under other international competitor prices. We save farmers money, re-investing back into the Canadian economy.

Collaboration a Core Corporate Value Guiding our Mission

Listening is at the core of how we approach collaboration.

Our rapidly growing portfolio of affordable high-performance products has been built through collaboration with our customers, suppliers, and science and technology partners.

farmers on a field


Our priority is to bring the highest quality products to Canadian farmers at affordable prices. Over the past 15 years, AgraCity and its affiliates have invested over $20 million in the development and registration of over 100 crop protection products. AgraCity now has one of the largest and most complete crop protection portfolios in Canada. We are proud to save farmers millions of dollars every year on their crop input purchases. AgraCity continues to develop new products and expects to bring over 20 new products to market in the next few years.

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Proudly Canadian

AgraCity is Canadian owned and operated, with its head office in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and business reps located across Canada. While most manufacturers return their profits to countries outside of Canada, the money that farmers spend on AgraCity products and services is recycled back into the Canadian economy for investment in new products, services and solutions that benefit Canadian farmers and the agricultural industry in general.

Crossing the Seas

We are always ready to take that extra step for our customers. Even if that means sailing the high seas. Literally.

Way back in 2007, AgraCity brought a vessel of ammonium nitrate from Russia to the Port of Churchill. It was significant because it was the first time the Arctic bridge was used to transport goods, and offered farmers savings on their nitrogen cost. It was also significant because so far this feat was achieved by only fertilizer majors, and that too never through the Arctic bridge or into Churchill. Subsequently, AgraCity brought another vessel of ammonium nitrate and a vessel of urea into Churchill in 2008. In 2009, we imported a vessel of urea into Montreal, two vessels of 16-16-16 into Trois-Rivieres and about 5 vessels of UAN into various ports in Eastern Canada saving farmers about $20 million. AgraCity continued to bring vessels through 2010 and 2011.

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Each of AgraCity's crop protection products must go through the same rigorous registration process as the major brand manufacturers. They must also meet the same high standards of product quality and performance. All AgraCity products must also meet or exceed quality assurance protocols prior to leaving the manufacturing facility and receive further inspection upon arrival in Canada before being packaged and sold.



Canadian farmers face unique production challenges that require unique solutions. We have worked alongside our farmers to develop over 25 unique crop protection solutions that specifically meet the challenges on Canadian farms. We have also developed our first line of crop nutrition products specifically designed for Canada’s environment and soil zones as well as the nutritional requirements of Canadian crops.



AgraCity has expanded product development capabilities through our in-house Innovation team. This will greatly increase our ability to test and evaluate new concepts, technologies, and products at our research sites across Western Canada. We have developed over 100 products in the previous years, and have some new best-of-the-line products in the pipeline.

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Product Performance Guarantee

We stand behind our products with the Agracity Product Performance Guarantee.

We are committed to providing all our products at the best possible prices without compromising on quality and performance by setting and meeting the highest possible standards and working with the best product manufacturers from around the world.

Building Strong Communities and Long-Lasting Relationships

We want to be trusted partner to farmers

AgraCity was founded by farmers, for farmers. We understand the issues and concerns of the farming community in Western Canada. And we are always trying to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with personalized service and support.

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Hub-and-spoke distribution network

At AgraCity, we have chosen to implement a hub-and-spoke distribution network that gives us a competitive edge in the industry, by cutting transportation costs, improving cycle times, and reducing inventory, thus directly leading to cost savings that we can pass along to our farm customers.

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