MicroPhos 49

MicroPhos 49

Why use MicroPhos 49?

MicroPhos 49 provides your crop with everything it requires to maximize yields.


  • Guaranteed analysis: 11N – 49P – 0 – 2S – .25 Zn, Cu, Mn, B + 1/4 Rate Power Phos + PGRs
  • Proprietary blend of plant growth regulators encouraging root growth.
  • Micro-nutrients critical for root development, nitrogen utilization, and pulse modulation.
  • Micro-nutrients to address zinc, boron and other common deficiencies found in the soil.
  • Uniform distribution of nutrients.
  • Screened and treated to improve handling and exceed expectations.
  • Provides micro-nutrients to address zinc, boron and other common deficiencies found in soil.

Agronomist comments

The fertilizer field has seen very few innovations over the decades when compared with the rest of the agriculture industry. MicroPhos is the next generation of fertilizer combining several new innovations into a single product. MicroPhos has solved the issue of micro-nutrient distribution to make valuable micronutrients more available to your valuable crop. Phosphorus availability in Canada is a continuous challenge due to our conditions. PowerPhos technology is a real game changer in getting the most out of your phosphorous dollars and MicroPhos 49 is a great fit across Canada.

MicroPhos 49 surrounds the phosphorous granule in a water-soluble negatively charged “shield”, attracting and binding the ions that tie up phosphorus – making it more available to the crop – while sulphate lowers the pH around the granule increasing phosphorus availability.

Please refer to the product label for complete and detailed information about this product. It contains essential guidelines and specifications to ensure proper usage and safety.

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