MicroPhos MicroPak

MicroPhos MicroPak

Why use MicroPhos MicroPak?

MicroPhos MicroPak provides your crop with everything it requires to maximize yields. Powered by Power Phos, surrounds the phosphorous granule in a water-soluble negatively charged “shield”. The Power Phos shield attracts and binds the ions that tie up phosphorus making it more available to your crop.


  • Micro-nutrients are critical for root development, nitrogen utilization, and pulse nodulation.
  • Proprietary blend of plant growth regulators shown to encourage root growth.
  • Uniform distribution of nutrients.
  • Screened and treated to improve handling and exceed expectation.
  • Micro-nutrients to address zinc, boron and other common deficiencies found in the soil to improve nitrogen utilization and pulse nodulation.

Please refer to the product label for complete and detailed information about this product. It contains essential guidelines and specifications to ensure proper usage and safety.

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