Go Generic for your Savings!

AgraCity can save you up to 30% off MSRP

If you’ve ever been tempted to grab the half-priced generic brand rather than the name-brand, you aren’t alone. The cheaper price of generics is tempting, but we’ve all wondered: Are generics really as good?

Here’s the truth: Generic crop protection products are the same high quality, high performance ingredients as the name brands. Generic crop protection products must be “bioequivalent” to brand name products. Generics must pass the same strict manufacturing, testing, and packaging regulations set by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). A generic must have the same active ingredient and strength as its’ brand name equivalent. Same active ingredients. Different Price.

The lower prices have a simple explanation. Major companies pay for marketing, advertising, and development of new products, and pass those costs onto their customers. Generics have no such costs — and they pass those savings on to you.

AgraCity Saves You Money

By Cutting Out the Middlemen

AgraCity’s unique farm-direct business model creates significant cost savings and value for Canadian farmers by cutting out the middlemen.

Debunking the Myth

Brand Name vs. Generic Products

Health Canada requires that generic crop protection products have met the same rigid safety and quality standards as the innovator brands. AgraCity’s crop protection products have the same quality, safety, strength, purity, and stability. So why pay more?

Is there a difference between Generic & Brand Name? In quality, NO. In price, ABSOLUTELY!

Generic vs. Branded: What You Need to Know