Should I Add A Tank Mix To My Pre-Seed Glyphosate?

Over the past few years many growers have started adding tank mixes to their glyphosate. As of 2016, over 50% of glyphosate applied pre-seed was tank mixed with another product.

What are some good reasons for growers to add tank mixes to their pre-seed glyphosate in 2019?

  1. Improved weed control. Glyphosate applied alone does not provide good control on some tough to kill weeds, such as dandelion, narrow-leaved hawksbeard, thistle, large cleavers and other hard to kill winter annual and perennial weeds. Adding a different product with improved activity on these weeds will increase control and give you a cleaner start to your seedling crops.
  2. Manage Roundup Ready canola volunteers. With increased canola acres, volunteer canola has become a bigger problem than ever. A 1 bushel/acre loss of canola at harvest can mean millions of canola seeds/acre ready to grow next year. Adding a tank mix partner to your glyphosate alone can help control all types of volunteer canola, not just Roundup Ready.
  3. Reduce the risk of herbicide resistance. In the past few years there have been weeds developing resistance to glyphosate, such as kochia in the southern parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and there are concerns that more weeds will become resistant in future. Mixing herbicides with different modes of action is a proven way to slow down the development of herbicide resistance on your farm. Just make sure that the herbicides you use are truly two different modes of action, and not just different products with the same mode of action.
  4. Residual weed control. Some pre-seed products have short term residual activity that can extend your weed control beyond the spray date. Check with AgraCity to discuss which products can help you in this regard.

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