Business Representative

What is your job title?

AgraCity Business Representative

What do you do with AgraCity?

I work with AgraCity customers to provide them with the best products and solutions to help them manage their farming operation.

Where do you live?

Saskatoon, SK

What is the area that you cover?

I have customers throughout western Canada that I work with to help save money on crop inputs without sacrificing performance.

What do you like about working with AgraCity?

AgraCity is a dynamic workplace where the team pulls together to get things done. We have the farmer’s best interest at heart and provide quality solutions at great prices. I really like helping our customers. Farmers are great to work with and I love finding solutions that work for every different operation.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up at Okla, SK on a very small mixed cattle and grain farm

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing farmers in western Canada today?

I think the biggest challenge is probably market uncertainty. Political presence in markets has been unpredictable in the last few years and doesn’t appear to be settling down anytime soon.

What hobbies do you have when you are not working?

My wife and I garden quite a bit. I play rec hockey and slow pitch. But there’s a lot of reading in our household too. I published a collection of poetry a number of years ago: The History of Naming Cows, which I still have a small inventory of.

What else would you like AgraCity customers to know about you?

I have been with the organization since the fall of 2008.