• Excellent protection from fusarium head blight
  • Tank-mixable with foliar products
  • Multi-mode of action
  • Excellent value and price with no programming
  • Two different systemic active ingredients
  • Broad spectrum leaf disease control
  • Preventative and curative properties
  • Protects grade and quality while increasing yield

Please refer to the product label for complete and detailed information about this product. It contains essential guidelines and specifications to ensure proper usage and safety.

When to apply on crops

Wheat: spring, durum, winter
Fusarium head blight: within the time-period when 75% of wheat heads are fully emerged to when 50% of heads on the main stems are in flower. This timing will also control the listed leaf diseases
Fusarium head blight apply between 70% and 100% full head emergence on the main stem up until 3 days after. This timing will also control the listed leaf diseases

Water volume

Ground: Minimum 10 US gallons/acre (40 L/acre) | Aerial: Minimum 5 US gallons/acre (20L/acre)

Rainfast period

1 hour

Mixing Instructions

  1. Fill the spray tank 1/2 full of water and begin
  2. Add the required quantity of FUSARO fungicide
    to the water and complete filling with water to the
    required total volume.
  3. Maintain agitation throughout mixing and spraying.
  4. If application is stopped prior to completion, resuspend
    spray solution by full agitation prior to
    commencing spraying again.
  5. Clean out sprayer equipment thoroughly after
    application is complete.

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