Three Benefits of Using Micro-Phos

Three Benefits of Using Micro-Phos




We all know supplying your crops with the right nutrients through fertilizer is an important part of your crop nutrition plan. Some fertilizers, however, are built different compared to others. Micro-Phos is a premium fertilizer solution that uses an innovative approach to ensure you maximize your yields. Here are three main benefits to using Micro-Phos and how it stands out from the rest:

  1. Micro-Phos can be used on all crops. Wherever you’re at in your crop rotation for this year, Micro-Phos is a great option for your crop nutrition. It has shown excellent results in canola, soybeans, lentils, peas and corn. The exceptional seed safety makes Micro-Phos one of the only feasible options for in-furrow applications with soybeans. In peas and lentils, it has shown fantastic results with applications across Canada. If you’re looking for an in-furrow, soil-applied boron for canola, Micro-Phos is one of the only options. Corn has high needs for all micronutrients, something that Micro-Phos is able to provide for maximum yield potential.
  2. In Micro-Phos, two mechanisms work to greatly increase phosphorus availability. With fertilizer alone, calcium, iron, magnesium and aluminum ions bind with phosphorus in the soil, making it unavailable for plant use. Micro-Phos is treated with Power Phos, which surrounds the phosphorous granule in a water-soluble, negatively charged “shield”. The Power Phos shield attracts and binds the ions that tie up phosphorus, making it more available to your crop. Additionally, sulfates lower the pH around the granule to keep the phosphorus in an available form.
  3. Micro-Phos provides uniform distribution of nutrients in every granule to provide your crop with commonly deficient micro-nutrients critical for root development, nitrogen utilization and pulse nodulation.

Micro-Phos is an innovative fertilizer solution that could help your crops—cereals, corn, soybeans, canola, peas, lentils and more—perform to their full potential. Learn more about identifying nutrient deficiencies in your crops and what nutrients are needed to give you the best yields.

AgraCity has the right fertilizer product to ensure your crops are getting the nutrients they need. Learn more about why using Micro-Phos could help your crops reach their full potential.