The Nutrients Needed to Maximize Yields – Micro-Phos

The Nutrients Needed to Maximize Yields – Micro-Phos




Just like you need the right combination of macro and micronutrients to fuel your body, your crops also require a variety of nutrients to ensure optimal growth. But what do those nutrients do for the crop? Each nutrient in the soil will provide different strengths to give your crops the best chance at maximizing yields. Using a fertilizer like Micro-Phos delivers the right nutrients at the right time to your crops when they need it most. Check out the reasons below why these nutrients are essential to crop growth.

Essential Nutrients to Ensure Optimal Crop Growth

Nitrogen (N): If you want a healthy colour and favourable growth, you’ll want to keep an eye on nitrogen levels in the soil. Essential for plant development, nitrogen plays a very important role in protein synthesis and energy metabolism—critical functions for photosynthesis activity in the crop.

Phosphorus (P): Important in both the growth and flowering stages, phosphorus is needed for the stimulation of root growth. To manage adverse climate conditions, phosphorus is needed to transport and store energy to the crop.

Potassium (K): To increase disease resistance in crops and ensure the synthesis of carbohydrates and enzymes are being regulated well, potassium is essential. A lack of potassium could lead to lodging, reduced plant resilience and cause an imbalance among calcium, magnesium and nitrogen nutrients.

Sulfur (S): Promote nitrogen efficiency with the correct amount of sulfur available to the crop. Sulfur helps to form chlorophyll and protein, and is necessary for photosynthesis.

Zinc (Zn): To aid growth in the plant stem and leaf expansion, zinc is necessary. Zinc plays an important role in growth hormone production.

Molybdenum (Mo): Molybdenum helps in the nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur cycles. It converts nitrate into nitrite and then to ammonia before delivering it to the plant.

Manganese (Mn): This nutrient is essential in the activity of photosynthesis.

Boron (B): Boron is needed in the crop to ensure adequate uptake of calcium and ability to use it in the plant. Boron helps to form cell walls in rapidly growing tissue, and to form pollen tubes to maximize pollination.

As you can see, there are nutrients beyond N, P and K that are needed to help the crop function at its best. No one has ever said they don’t want optimal growth and yields in their plants, but not keeping an eye on nutrient deficiencies and working to correct them could cost a grower yield come harvest time.

AgraCity has the right fertilizer product to ensure your crops are getting the nutrients they need. Learn more about why using Micro-Phos could help your crops reach their full potential.

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