AgraCity’s Product Performance Guarantee: Peace of Mind in the Ever-Changing Farming Landscape

AgraCity’s Product Performance Guarantee: Peace of Mind in the Ever-Changing Farming Landscape




Explore the essence of farming resilience in Canada with AgraCity’s exclusive Product Performance Guarantee, offering peace of mind amid the dynamic agricultural landscape

Farming in Canada is an essential and dynamic industry, contributing significantly to the nation’s economy and ensuring food security for our people. The sector contributed significantly to the nation’s economy, generating $143.8 billion, which accounts for approximately 7.0% of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) as of July 6, 2023, according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. As of 2022, the entire agriculture and agri-food system supported a workforce of 2.3 million individuals, constituting 1 in 9 jobs in Canada.

While farmers face numerous challenges ranging from extreme weather to market fluctuations, the need for peace of mind has become increasingly crucial in sustaining a thriving agricultural sector, a sentiment that AgraCity understands and champions.

In this article, we explore the various factors that contribute to the demand for peace of mind for the Canadian farming community and how AgraCity’s Product Performance Guarantee provides a unique layer of assurance for farmers, extending beyond the product itself to safeguard the very heart of their livelihoods.

Extreme weather

Canada’s vast and diverse geography exposes farmers to a wide range of weather conditions. From the harsh winters of the prairies to the unpredictable nature of weather in the coastal regions, farmers must constantly adapt to changing weather conditions. Achieving peace of mind in farming involves implementing resilient practices such as cover cropping and no-till, investing in smart technologies, and having access to reliable weather forecasting. By acknowledging the unpredictable nature of weather during the growing season and addressing these uncertainties, farmers can better plan their activities and minimize the impact of extreme weather events on their crops and livestock.

Ever-changing market conditions

Fluctuating commodity prices, market demands, and global economic conditions can significantly affect ROI for farmers. Establishing financial security through risk management strategies, government support programs, and diversification of income sources is crucial for ensuring peace of mind. This stability allows farmers to focus on their work without constant financial stress, leading to better decision-making and long-term sustainability.

Herbicide resistance

The emergence of herbicide-resistant weeds again presents a formidable challenge for Canadian farmers, leading to annual losses amounting to tens of millions of dollars, according to Agriculture and Agri Food Canada. Herbicide resistance denotes the inherent capability of a weed plant to endure and reproduce following herbicide treatment. The magnitude of this issue is intricately connected to the recurrent application of the same herbicide or a cluster of closely related herbicides. As weed populations evolve, developing resistance to traditional herbicide groups, farmers face the daunting task of preserving crop yields while navigating this complex issue.

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In the past 20 years, Western Canada has experienced a massive increase in the number of herbicide resistant weeds. They include:

Alberta: 17 species, 22 biotypes. Wild oats is the most common resistant weed, while other weeds include green foxtail, kochia, cleavers, Russian thistle, wild mustard

Saskatchewan: 12 species, 18 biotypes. The most common resistant weeds are wild oats, green foxtail. Other weeds include kochia, cleavers, Russian thistle, wild mustard

Manitoba: 11 species, 21 biotypes. The most common resistant weeds are wild oats, green foxtail, while other weeds include, kochia, cleavers, redroot pigweed, wild mustard.

Currently, wild oats is one of the most common herbicide resistant weeds in western Canada.

AgraCity has a complete portfolio of products that control wild oats in wheat (including Group 1 resistant), barley, canola, flax, pulse, and special crops.

Crop diseases

The increasing threat of crop diseases poses a risk to agriculture and food security. From fungal infections to viral outbreaks, these diseases can devastate crops, causing significant losses for farmers. Achieving peace of mind in the face of these challenges involves the implementation of cutting-edge pest control solutions and a commitment to staying ahead of emerging threats.

AgraCity recognizes the dynamic challenges in farming and the need for efficient solutions. Our tailored solutions, developed with a deep understanding of Canadian agriculture, address specific seasonal challenges faced by Canadian farms. We collaborate with global plant science experts to ensure advanced and effective solutions. Because we aren’t tied to one supplier, we can develop new solutions with different active ingredients from around the world. Our product lineup integrates the latest advancements in agribusiness to optimize crop yields, minimize environmental impact, and bolster farmers’ economic viability.

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AgraCity’s assurance

The unpredictability of weather, market conditions, and pest pressures can introduce an element of uncertainty. AgraCity recognizes the profound need for peace of mind in the agricultural sector and, through its extensive lineup of highest quality products coupled with our robust Product Performance Guarantee, we aim to not only protect farmers’ investments but also secure the millions of dollars in potential crop yields on their farms.

Extensive product lineup

AgraCity takes pride in offering the largest selection of affordable, high-performance crop protection products in Canada. With a commitment to maintaining the highest standards without compromising quality, our products are registered for use in all major crops grown in Canada, including barley, canola, corn, oats, peas, soybeans, wheat, and more. This extensive range ensures that farmers have access to effective solutions for the toughest weeds that threaten their crops.

Affordability without compromise

AgraCity is dedicated to providing farmers with the best possible prices with the best possible prices and ensuring top quality and performance. By collaborating with top-tier product manufacturers worldwide, we ensure that our crop protection products are not only affordable but also designed to deliver high performance. This commitment to affordability empowers Canadian farmers, allowing them to protect their crops without breaking the bank.

Product Performance Guarantee

At AgraCity, we strive to go the extra mile to guarantee that our product formulations meet the highest possible standards. We understand that farmers need reliable solutions, which is why we stand by the AgraCity Product Performance Guarantee. If, at any time, customers encounter issues such as product separation, crystallization, or any physical concern, we pledge to replace the product promptly.

The comprehensive Product Performance Guarantee is not merely a commitment to the quality of the product but a pledge to farmers that their investment extends far beyond the dollars spent on the input — it safeguards the potential millions of dollars in crop yields on their farms.

In the dynamic world of agriculture, where factors like weather, pests, and disease can threaten yields, this guarantee provides a sense of security that extends well beyond the initial purchase.

Our herbicide products are guaranteed to provide 90% control or more of all weeds listed as controlled on the product label. This assurance extends to managing key driver weeds like wild oats, kochia, cleavers, and thistle, even in cases where biotypes have developed resistance to major herbicide groups. AgraCity’s products are tailored to meet the unique challenges posed by Canadian growing conditions.

Building trust in the community

The significance of peace of mind in Canadian farming cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the well-being of farmers, the sustainability of the industry, and the nation’s food security. AgraCity recognizes the multifaceted challenges faced by farmers, and has emerged as a steadfast partner in alleviating uncertainties through its extensive product lineup and unwavering commitment to quality and performance.

Our comprehensive range of affordable, high-performance crop protection products, coupled with the robust Product Performance Guarantee, reinforces our dedication to the well-being and success of the farming community. Farmers can cultivate confidence, secure in the knowledge that their crops are protected by products designed to excel in the diverse and challenging landscapes of Canada.

By acknowledging and actively working towards achieving peace of mind, farmers can navigate the challenges they face with resilience, ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future for Canadian agriculture. AgraCity’s commitment extends beyond mere product guarantees; it is a pledge to safeguard not just the dollars spent on inputs but also the potential millions of dollars in crop yields on farmers’ fields. Together, we cultivate a future where Canadian farmers thrive, backed by a reliable partner committed to their success.