4 Reasons to Buy From AgraCity

4 Reasons to Buy From AgraCity




At AgraCity, we’re committed to providing Canadian farmers with the largest portfolio of crop protection products in the industry. If you’re looking for a wide range of crop inputs for your farm operation, to make your own decisions on what works best for you and to do it conveniently and efficiently, it’ll be worth checking out AgraCity. Check out some reasons why buying from AgraCity could be beneficial to your operation and bottom line below.

  1. Shop from Canada’s largest selection of affordable crop inputs. From pre-seed herbicides to desiccants and fertilizers, you’ll find something for each part of the crop growing journey with AgraCity. Our website is easy to navigate to find what you’re looking for—search for solutions by crop, product, weed or disease to make sure you’re getting what you need to get the best yields. Our 2022 Product Guide is available now with almost 150 pages of product information that’ll help you choose what will work for your fields.
  2. Stay protected with a product performance guarantee.AgraCity’s Product Performance Guarantee ensures you are satisfied with the products you’ve chosen for your farm operation. We stand behind our products. If satisfactory weed control is not achieved, we have a written and published commitment to how we will make it right. Learn more about the AgraCity Product Performance Guarantee or reach out to a sales representative for more information.
  3. Make your own decisions—with year-round agronomic support. One benefit of purchasing your crop inputs from AgraCity includes the ability to make your own choices when it comes to your operation if you want to do so. If you’re looking for agronomic support, we have an Agronomy Team ready to help answer questions you have about the ideal product for the issue you’re looking to solve. Either way—if you like some support, a little support or no support—AgraCity is a great place to get your crop protection products.
  4. You’re supporting Canadian business. We’re based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and are Canadian owned and operated. Many manufacturers return their profits to companies outside of Canada, but with AgraCity, you’re supporting local people and the economy—building stronger Canadian communities. Now, more than ever, is the right time to buy local and strengthen our economies.

Affordable, safe, efficient and supports local. We think that’s a winning combination if you’re considering purchasing your crop inputs from AgraCity. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @AgraCity_Canada, Instagram @agracity and Facebook for sale announcements, product updates, agronomic advice and more.